Drainage Division

Vision, Function and Expectations of the Drainage Division


To establish and execute a sustainable drainage management and flood prevention programme which will successfully remediate the perennial problem of flooding around the island of Barbados.

The functions of the Drainage Division would be as follows:

  • Preparation , implementation and monitoring of  Stormwater management plans and guidelines;
  • Implementation of  remedial and Capital works programmes required to maintain and upgrade Stormwater infrastructure;
  • Maintenance and cleaning of Stormwater wells;
  • Monitoring and clearing watercourses and outfalls;
  • Ensure pump houses are well maintained;
  • Implement relevant sections as enshrined in the Floods Prevention Act, CAP235, and The Highway Cat CAP 289,
  • Liaise with The Chief Town Planner regarding physical development;
  • Liaise with the national Heritage Department , Barbados Water Authority and other relevant agencies within the integrated water Resources management concept;
  • Liaise with the Coastal Zone Management Unit concerning the impacts of drainage on beaches and vise versa;
  • Cleaning of culverts and drains;
  • Canalizing drains and watercourses;
  • Investigate and follow up flood related complaints
  • And any other functions assigned from time to time by the Minister.

The functions of the Division have been categorized into four areas, there are: Operations; (Construction and maintenance); Town Planning; Drainage Engineering; and Research and Informatics.

The significant difference now over the period before is that we in the Drainage Division will be focus on The prevention of Flooding.

Most staff will be assigned to Routine maintenance

CODE               ACTIVITY

1110                   Drain cleaning (Manual)

1120                   Drain cleaning (Mechanical)

1130                  Culvert cleaning

1140                   Repair of minor drainage structures

1150                   Cleaning outfall drains

1160                   Cleaning and debushing around wells

1420                  Culvert maintenance

1440                  Repair/construction well casing

1820                   Concrete Drain and culvert construction

1830                   French drain construction

1840                   Gabion structures

1850                   Earthen drain construction

1860                   Concrete retaining walls

1910                   Supervision

1920                   Administrative support

1930                  Turn around time and vehicle servicing

2010                  Emergency activities

5010                  Drainage improvement

Also 1610, 1620, 1510, and 1940.  Each of the above activity sets out the procedures for the administration and work to be accomplished.

How will these objectives be achieved?

Through systems of Drainage Management Planning that:

Cohesiveness – Through the building organized teams work in carrying out our tasks. I can think of no work assignment within the D Div that requires a one man operation. Therefore we need to each put our hands to the plough and work man easy work. Do I have a commitment form all?

External Agencies – Building partnerships with all relevant government agencies and Ministries,

Integration – Report incidences of flooding,

Leadership – that provides sound rational judgment for decision-making,

Management – that develops and follows crystal clear systems and procedures based on accountability and fairness at ALL levels of the organization in delivering drainage services to the people of Barbados. I promise this, so long as I have the responsibility to lead this Division I pledge all my talents, skills, training and experience in working together with all staff in achieving this.

Organize Work – by following sound environmental and engineering principles and practice.

Participation – Individually or as a group in problem solving at every level


A recognition reward scheme is been contemplated at all levels based on commitment, dedication, production, attendance among others. Thus complimenting the existing pay, time off and promotion reward schemes.

 One of the MED immediate goals is to:

  1. Continue the enabling environment through legislative amendments to locate the statutory responsibility for drainage within MEWD, and capitalization of the Division.
  1. Facilitate an analysis of the current institutional structure, designed at devising an administrative and regulatory framework for Stormwater management;
  1. Provide the management structure to strategically develop the necessary information, research, procurement and operational systems, plans, designs and assessments for Flood management.